Cyprus Birding Tours

Offering guided bird watching tours around Cyprus


This section features a collection of photographs showing Cyprus’ locations and birds.

All photos taken by and copyright of Cyprus Birding Tours and may not be used without permission.

4 thoughts on “Galleries

  1. Goshawk, fields next to beach Mandria, seen today. What are the chances? I am not a birdwatcher,but was the only bird resembling what I saw. Definitely a bird of prey, bigger than the usual Kestrels that nest in the area, white under belly, tail black and white, largish wingspan.

    • Goshawk is possible but not really their usual habitat and location. Nor that likely to be in fields. But there has been several reports of a juv Peregrine Falcon there – of the calidus race which is bigger and paler than the usual resident Peregrines here which are of the brookei race. Am guessing that’s what you saw.

  2. We are staying in Pissouri village and have just seen a flock of what looks like starlings with light/yellow heads
    Any ideas?

    • We do get starlings here in the winter but probably a bit early for them and the head colour doesn’t seem to fit. Birds that we get at the moment that could be in a small flock are Yellow Wagtails on migration, Spanish Sparrow on migration and Corn Buntings who flock after breeding. Hope that is of some help.

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