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Larnaca Friday 12th December 2014

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Went to Larnaca to do the waterbird count and was pleased that the bad weather held off. A lot of the ducks on the Sewage Works pools seemed to be out of sight from the hide along the edge hidden from view. I couldn’t find the White-headed Duck from last weekend although it could have been along that edge.

A summary of the birds around:

Meneou Pool – Greater Flamingo 411, Black Francolin 2m calling

Larnaca Sewage Works – Greater Flamingo 59, Tufted Duck 3, Northern Shoveler 16 (probably more but other ducks were on edge not visible from hide), Eurasian Teal 227, Mallard 57, Gadwall 3, Greater White-fronted Goose 8, Eurasian Wigeon 7, Black-necked Grebe 5, Black-winged Stilt 2, Greater Cormorant 4

Spiros Pool – Golden Plover 350

Larnaca Airport fields – Eurasian Curlew 1, Spanish Sparrow 80+, European Goldfinch 80+, Red-throated Pipit 2h, Meadow Pipit 50+, Eurasian Skylark 200+

Larnaca Airport Pools North – Dunlin 26, Common Redshank 34, Little Stint 4, Kentish Plover 10, Eurasian Stone Curlew 25

Larnaca Salt Lake – Greater Flamingo 520, Corn Bunting c90, Spanish Sparrow 120+, Eurasian Skylark c30, Common Chaffinch 10, Kentish Plover 135, Little Stint 55, Common Shelduck 150, Common Black-headed Gull 535, Common Ringed Plover 8, Dunlin 26, Western Marsh Harrier 2, Caspian Gull 3, Armenian Gull 2, Eurasian Teal c90, Common Snipe 2, Jack Snipe 1, Reed Bunting 9, Water Rail 1h

Larnaca Fishing Shelter – Black-legged Kittiwake 1 juv still present

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