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Akrotiri area 13th September 2019

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A good day around Akrotiri despite being in the wrong places at the time when three Short-toed Snake Eagles passed over. Anyhow saw nearly 70 migrating European Honey Buzzard as well as six Black Kite and several Montagu’s Harrier. Elenora’s Falcon were hunting over the area and hundreds of European Bee-eater were migrating through. Nearly two hundred Kentish Plover were on Lady’s Mile together with a few Little Stint and single Sanderling and Dunlin.

Photo below of a juvenile Kentish Plover in the midday sun on Lady’s Mile.

Kentish Plover, Lady's Mile 13th September 2019 (c) Cyprus Birding Tours

Kentish Plover, Lady’s Mile 13th September 2019 (c) Cyprus Birding Tours


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